Michael’s 14 year pictures

Nina took Michael out to the park today and took some pictures of him for his 14th year.  He really didn’t want to go to the photography studio, but Nina wasn’t going to have any of that.  So she compromised.  He didn’t have to go, but she still got her pictures.

Below are a few that were picked out as the best.  If you like one, let us know, we can have a print made up for you.



Conclusion… He’s a great looking young man.

Should I continue?

Let me know if anyone is reading these, or if this is something I should let go this year.  No point in posting if no one is reading it right?


Christmas Eve (14)

Merry Christmas!

Wishing that everyone has a white Christmas.

Or at least a merry one.

Enjoy the holidays!

Anthony Rauch

Christmas Tree Decorating

Now that we have our tree, it’s time to decorate!  I like that we alternated with the garland, it looks like a candy cane tree.  It’s not as big as some years, so we weren’t able to put all of our decorations on, but all the family ones are on it.

Each year Nina and I get a new ornament from Hallmark for us and the boys pick ones for themselves.  We are using fewer and fewer glass ornaments and more individual ornaments.  Kind of nice to see the stories that we put on the tree.

IMG_0174Tree Decorating 001Tree Decorating 003Tree Decorating 005Tree Decorating 007Tree Decorating 009Tree Decorating 010Tree Decorating 011Tree Decorating 012Tree Decorating 013Tree Decorating 015Tree Decorating 016Tree Decorating 017Tree Decorating 021Tree Decorating 026Tree Decorating 031Tree Decorating 034

Tree Hunting

Yesterday, we went up to the woods to go tree hunting.  It was a very exciting experience… mostly with the driving.  Potholes the size of the engine, and a road that had ditches dug through out the width of the road every 50 feet on a particular road.  So bad we bottomed out a couple of time.

The boys were able to walk around in the snow and even throw some at each other.  It took some time to find the right tree, but we found a nice noble.

IMG00049-20111210-1418IMG00050-20111210-1431Tree Hunting (1)Tree Hunting (3)Tree Hunting (7)Tree Hunting (8)Tree Hunting (9)Tree Hunting (10)Tree Hunting (11)Tree Hunting (12)Tree Hunting (19)Tree Hunting (24)


Anyone for life sized chess?

Jacob and the Walk and Knock

Today Jacob’s Boy Scout Pack assisted the Clark County community today by participating in the Walk and Knock (http://www.walkandknock.org/).  The county homes were given a grocery bag for the Walk and Knock and those that wanted to participate were able to put non-perishable foods in the bag and leave it on their door step.  We were given a neighborhood section and walked around collecting these bags and knocking on doors to ask if anyone wanted to donate that hadn’t already.  It took about 2-3 hours for us to go through our section, but after we dropped off with the semi truck we could see the scope of the efforts.  Our group area was able to nearly fill one semi truck trailer.  My understanding is this is done county wide, so more semi’s through out the county were getting filled.

I’m glad that we are able to participate and proud that Jacob was willing to spend his Saturday morning helping others.  He may or may not understand completely what he has done today, but I’m still very proud of him.

Thanksgiving Pictures

We had a great Thanksgiving.  This was the first year that we had hosted, and Nina’s side of the family came down to visit.  This included Her dad and mom (Per and Sheryl), as well as her Brother and nephew (Leif and Kory).  It was nice to have the family down and was interesting being on the hosting side of things.  The following day, Per helped me with the Christmas lights while Nina and her mom (Sheryl) went to go brave the Black Friday crowds.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for my family!

Anthony Rauch

Sudden Realization

Nina made a comment to me today that really knocked the wind out of me.  Michael is going to be turning 14 this next month.  As she said that I looked over and watched his face for a moment while he watched TV, and for the first time, it hit me.  He’s starting to look like a young man.  He is slowly starting to make that transition into adult hood, and I’ll have to admit, it’s a little depressing.

I remember decorating his room as we prepared to be first time parents in San Diego.


I remember when he was born, and when I saw him in the warming bed, I asked the nurse if I could pick him up, she looked at me with an odd face and said, “well, he IS your son”



He smiled in nearly everything he did.



And he has never failed to make us smile

orange smilemowingMork


He’s always made us proud.

Basketball06-0006Student of the month 2007-0001Yellow Stripe Test (1)


Because of all of that, it is a bittersweet experience to watch him grow up.




It will be exciting to watch him grow up to become that man he was always meant to be.  But at the same time it’s so hard to watch him grow up and to know that he will eventually move out.

But know matter how much he fights it.  He will always be….


My little boy.



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